Moving to Wisconsin

After losing my job at Michigan Tech and testing out the job market in Houghton for a month, Katie and I decided that it was time to move. Several options presented themselves, including Seattle and Chicago, where friends offered free housing for several months until jobs and permanent housing could be found. We decided to move to Appleton, WI with Katie's parents after much discussion.

Over the last several years of dating Katie, we had visited her parents plenty of times both before and with Logan. Not only did we enjoy our time in Appleton, but they were very understanding of our relationship and current position. Also, even though I had applied to plenty of job opportunities across the nation, the only interviews and interested companies I had contact with where in the Milwaukee and Green Bay area. It made sense to move to a familiar location that seemed promising for a future career.

I did have some hesitations on moving to Wisconsin, mostly because I was raised in Michigan. I don't know many people or attractions within the state, and there aren't square miles of empty wilderness, like the rugged Huron Mountains or Ottawa National Forest of the Upper Peninsula, near Appleton.

These few negatives were unimportant to our immediate needs for a house and jobs, though. We decided to move in with Katie's parents in the beginning of May with the intention to find jobs and a house within a few months, and the start to a more traditional lifestyle for two 20-odd adults.