Life After College

I was never worried about finding a job after college. Both degrees I undertook (physics and math) have severely limited job opportunities compared to other Michigan Tech degrees (computer sciences, engineering, etc), but I was too caught up in student life to worry about a career. Working through both high school and college, I figured that finding a good job after graduation would be easy.

The career fair options at the university always bombed for my degree (most attending businesses were only interested in engineers) and, with only weeks left, I applied for several jobs involving web development at Michigan Tech. The interview and application process was over in a short time and I had two job offers - and I took the more promising one. Little did I know that I'd be fired in ten months with even less opportunities available to me.

After being fired, I applied for several dozen jobs across the country. Not only was I excited about a brand new experience, but I wanted to leave Michigan and my university behind. With the bad economy and my limited experience, though, few employers got back to me (not many companies want to fly a web developer with less than three years experience across the nation). When my lease in Houghton ended in late April, Katie and I decided to move down to her parent's house in Appleton, following her new job and a few of my more promising offers.

I never really thought of starting my career path while in college. Instead of worrying about life after college I took classes that interested and challenged me and devoted most of my time to volunteer work. They have to some extent - I am making more money as a web contractor now than I ever could have at Michigan Tech. However, I still haven't found a career or place to settle down, and I'm not sure which decision I made that has led me to this point in my life.