500 Posts

A month ago my blog hit a big milestone: 500 posts. It's taken nine years to accumulate this many words, words about PHP and Arizona and work and more boring personal matters. There have been dry spells that have lasted months and some months that the posts flowed out much more frequently. Overall I feel like this blog has helped me develop personally as well as given me a way to share back to the lucky few who read it.

I sometimes wonder if I should have spent the last decade writing a novel. This blog alone has over 635,000 words, which is comparable to the childhood nightmare that is Atlas Shrugged, and that's not counting the "triplogs" that I've written for the waterfall site. Granted, a novel seems to be much more difficult to write (and the bar of quality higher). And then there's the whole publishing aspect…

Anyways, I started this blog back in 2009 as an alternate platfrom to the niche Keweenaw Waterfall site that was already up in running at that point. I decided to write about hiking, programming, and personal topics, which are the same three divisions that hold true today. Given that I don't talk about programming as much and my hiking has gotten a lot less Midwest and lot more desert, I'm still happy that I was able to keep a bit of consistency.

There are no grand plans to change things now. Being a father and training for Mountain Rescue has sucked up all sorts of free time that I could spend enhancing the site or revamping the content. Maybe in another decade I'll have more topics and blinking text and audio versions of all my posts (spoken in a Morgan Freeman voice, of course), but for now I'll just keep spinning words as-is. Plus, I have a few awesome hiking plans in the works that I can't wait to share.