2011 New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again... When people realize that they've eaten too much food, spent too much money, or just haven't been overly productive over the holidays and decided to make firm New Year's Resolutions. I'm no exception to this annual tradition and have made a few commitments of my own for 2011.

Start working out

Original, eh? I am a pretty skinny guy (been hovering around 'underweight' for as long as I could spell the word), but working all day in front of a computer is not very conducive to a fit body. A few hiking-related knee injuries deter me from a daily run, but I do plan on exercising (standard push-ups and crunches) on a regular basis.
Goal: Be able to do 50 push-ups and 80 crunches in a single setting.

Finish my side projects

I've been working to get all of my sites under my MVC over the past year and feel pretty good about the progress I've made. While there is still the waterfall and hiking map sites that still use old school PHP, there is also a lot of cool features I've added to my other sites (already in the MVC), including in-house analytics, smarter data layer structure, and improved SEO-friendly routing.
Goal: Push waterfall, hiking map sites under my MVC and finish three secret projects.

Learn more languages

As you might have guessed, this mostly pertains to computer languages. I've already started teaching myself Ruby and have made great strides in Javascript. In addition to learning more about these two languages, I'd like to learn more about HTML5 and CSS3, two technologies that I'm just now starting to play with. Objective-C is definitely a stretch goal, as is Java. For a more down-to-earth language, I plan on either starting on Spanish or German... Not entirely sure yet.
Goal: Become proficient in three new computer languages, one 'human' language.

Hike more!

Yes, this is one of my goals. Even though I really enjoy hiking, there are a few areas that I can improve in regards to one of my favorite activities. Most of my hikes are less than 10 miles, beginning and ending at my vehicle, with only one- or two-night stays. I'd like to start covering more ground, i.e., start backpacking 60+ miles over the four- to five- day spread. I'd also like to up my backwoods skills while I'm exploring, fishing or collecting my dinner as I wander across the U.P.
Goal: Increase my hiking skills.

I also have a few miscellaneous New Year's Resolutions for 2011. Pay off more debt, add more to my savings, and maybe even bag a deer with my dad. Many of these depend on my future in Wisconsin with Katie, something that probably won't be decided until this summer (when our lease is up on our duplex). These are the main goals, though - here's to hoping they stick and 2011 is an awesome year!