Blog Introduction

After introducing myself in the first post, I feel that the next logical step is to introduce the blog. While most blogs aim for a single theme, I'm hoping to use this one for three different themes: programming, hiking, and personal. These will likely change in the future as my needs and interests develop, but they seem pretty solid for the next few years.

As I am a web developer, I feel that it's only right to devote most of the blog entries to web programming with both interesting programming experiences and light tutorials. While I do have quite a few languages under my belt already, I am constantly looking to optimize my skills and learn more, so this topic should be fairly dynamic and varied.

Hiking is a more recent interest of mine, but one that I thoroughly enjoy. While I have spent a lot of time looking for waterfalls in the Keweenaw Area, I also climb mountains and seek out interesting historic locations. With the recent gift of a GPS unit, I plan on providing images, descriptions, and KML/GPX waypoints of some of the more epic adventures.

I also plan on using this blog to discuss interesting personal items, such as relocation, job opportunities, life changes, etc. However, I will keep this final topic to a minimum, as I hope to only discuss items that might be of interest to my audience.