Waterfall 2.0 (Finally!)

Finally. After years of neglect and false starts the Waterfalls of the Keweenaw site has a new look. It was my first website, predating this blog by several weeks, though I haven't touched it in close to five years. It was about darn time that it got a fresh coat of paint.

So what is this site? Back when I first started exploring the Upper Peninsula I was mostly focused on cataloging waterfalls. I tracked down hints, traced possible routes, hunted for paths, and systematically documented and photographed as many waterfalls in the Keweenaw area that I could. Some were bone-dry when I first found them, others were buried in man-made dams, and still other spots didn't have any drop to speak of. But I kept at it, dragging friends and my dog on hike after hike, eventually tracking down over a hundred different falls, and then made a site about it.

Now there is so much more to share. I've added close to a fifty waterfalls to my original list, mostly thanks to locals and fellow waterfall photographers. I've also revamped areas of the site, piling on more images and information from the outings, and will be rolling out new cleaned-up logs of the trips. Plus it's responsive, because it's what the Cool Kids are doing.

There are some future things planned, of course, but it's hard to say when they'll be coming out. I still need to polish the map and come up with some sort of photo overlay thing. One of the future additions is particularly exciting. I'm planning on adding some adventure pages, grouping destinations together on a single page for 'recommended day trips', making visiting the UP's waterfalls that much easier. Also there's some talk of an API, which could mean apps, but that's just getting crazy.

Anyways, if you're into waterfalls, check out the site. More importantly, go up north and explore a little bit. It's spring now, and the snow in the Upper Peninsula is melting. Creeks and rivers that have been buried are now sending torrents of whitewater down rocky paths to the Great Lakes. Find a waterfall that few have been to, one off the beaten trail, and try not to get lost (too much).