Another New Year

Snap. Where did 2011 go?

Yup, last year was a bit busy. I've barely mentioned this on here, but I now work at DealerFire in Oshkosh. We mostly create custom websites for automotive dealerships, but there's a good mix of digital marketing, social media, and app development mixed up in there too. I'm the director of the production department, so I'm in charge of the majority of new products that go out the door. Last year that was about 200 websites. That's four sites launching every week. So yeah, 2011 was pretty dog gone busy.

There's been a lot going on outside of my job as well. I finally proposed to Katie Reynolds after five years of dating - we're going to get married in August! We also attended two big family weddings this year, one from each side, and got to make a lot of new introductions. Not everything has been good - there was far too many funerals and sad happenings for that. Overall 2011 has made me thankful for my friends and family as well as the time we have together.

So, what's the plan for 2012? What resolutions am I planning on making? Simple answer... none. I'm excited for the next year and am looking forward to things happening, but I'm just not feeling the resolution vibe. There are areas up north that I'm planning on exploring and certain web-things that I'd like to develop, but I'm more interested in just taking things one day at a time. Oh, and of course, planning a wedding :P