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How Many Tiers for a Clean View Layer?

An interesting possibility cropped up for my MVC a few weeks ago. I've been working with microformats on and off the last few months (you can read about one of my first adventures with them when I created a microformatted resume). I started to wonder where else my site could use this new feature. An…

  • Category Web Development
  • Posted November 30, 2010
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AJAX Dynamic Template Solution

One issue I've always had with the typical templating methods over the years is the waste of bandwidth. Even with smart functionality on the backend combining the dynamic and static information on each page, you're still sending an entire new html page for each URL requested by the client, with a…

  • Category Web Development
  • Posted September 26, 2009
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Dynamic Template Methods

Ever since I started working on websites during the summer of 2006 I made sure to keep dynamic and static information separate on my projects. Certain things in the website's content should remain the same, or similar, on separate pages: header, footer, navigation, etc. (I'll refer to these similar…

  • Category Web Development
  • Posted September 3, 2009
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Using XSL for Websites

Throughout the course of my web development learning, I've always had a central problem to deal with. On a typical website, multiple pages have some sort of general, non-changing bits that stay constant throughout the site: headers, footers, and navigational bars are great examples. The only piece…

  • Category Web Development
  • Posted May 7, 2009
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